Open Your Eyes Through Shurikenjutsu Book by Katsuhiko Kizaki

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Shuriken has a method that is a bit different from other martial arts. The main premise of shuriken is the "worst situation" where there are only small weapons that can be hidden in the palm. From there, the idea and theory of shuriken has a miraculous great reversal method that all martial arts must be aware of, or even in advanced sports battles. The shortest, smallest, weakest weapon, shuriken will be the strongest! What is the secret of shuriken training that opens the eyes of humans' sleeping abilities?

Chapter 1 Characteristics of Shuriken
1 Power and fate of throwing weapons
2 How to use shuriken, not a sasuke weapon of swordsmanship
3 Heart is a sword, type is a bow
4 What is Shuriken?
5 Spirit and shuriken
6 Important of the first hit
7 How to catch a shuriken that is off the mark
8 Zanshin
9 Reasons why it is necessary to use it in combination with Taijutsu
10 Two masters that Professor Tsuruta met in the process of creation
11 Waden Ryu Shuriken Kendo, Yamai Ryu Jiu-Jitsu Kenpo
12 Weapons that have evolved to both ends that weapon art aims at

Chapter 2 How to use the body of shuriken
1 "Only one type" that enables you to do everything
2 "Unfinished" type
3 Swastika type detailed explanation
4 Force method
5 time signature
6 The final stage that the Japanese tradition aims for

Chapter 3 Swordsmanship / Palm Swordsmanship
1 Was swordsmanship on the battlefield practical?
2 Why is shuriken a minor martial art?
3 Is it not necessary to consider the time as a martial art?
4 Shuriken is "swordsmanship", not "swordsmanship"!
○ Swordsmanship
○ Palm swordsmanship

Chapter 4 Weapons other than shuriken
1 Premise that any special product must be used
2 Cane technique
3 Tanbojutsu
4 Weapon with string
5 "Something" near

Chapter 5 Physical Art (Yamai-style Jiu-Jitsu Kenpo)
1 Combined martial arts Yamai style Jiu-jitsu Kenpo
2 How to utilize what you learned with the sword
3 After all, "swastika type"
4 A strange hand called "from below"
5 Defensive technique derived from the swastika pattern
6 Attack technique derived from the swastika pattern
7 Development to communication techniques
8 Palm sword technique as a physical technique
9 Fusion of body art and shuriken art and "tactics"

Chapter 6 The spirit of shuriken "do something in any situation"
1 Shuriken is a "potential" weapon
2 Make yourself "strong in production"
3 creativity / mobility ……
4 The story of the "in case of emergency" that often comes
5 Huge trial

Language: Japanese

Length: 216 pages


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