Okinawa Karate Kobujutsu Shinan Vol 2 DVD with Tetsuhiro Hokama

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As a custom in Okinawa, there were no Ryuha, but Te was largely devided into Shuri Te, Naha Te, and Tomari Te, but spreading to the mainland, Naha Te came to be known as Goju Ryu, Shuri Te as Shorin Ryu, and Hankohan Ryu as Uechi Ryu. From ancient times, mainland Japan had a different history of culture and etiquette than Ryukyu, but Okinawa Karate Do had a big impact on Japanese Budo, developing into ''Japanese Karate.'' After that, it first spread to America,and within half a century had spread around the world.

Chapter listing:
-Okinawa Karate Museum
-Sanchin Kinnajutsu
-Kata Bunkai:Sanchin
-Kata:Gekisai (Ichi)
-Shuho(Hand Techniques)
-Shiwari(Breaking the board)
-Kobujutsu Weapons
-Keiko Youth Club

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 80 min.