Nunchaku - How to Master Bruce Lee's Weapon DVD

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- Sebastian Bonniol
- Florent Dillange
- Stephane Aniere
- Tony Holbe

Every day, more than 200 nunchakus are sold in France.
Behind these statistics, many people are eager to master the mythical art of Bruce Lee. Coming from four different styles : Sébastien Bonniol, Florent Dillange, Stéphane Anière and Tony Holbe share with you their passion : THE ARTISTIC NUNCHAKU.

With demonstrations, interviews and introducing sequences, you will quickly be able to participate in competitions or do your own show of ARTISTIC NUNCHAKU.

Sebastian Bonniol:
Born in Marseilles, Sébastien BONNIOL gives you all his secrets to « burst into flame » during live shows and martial arts competitions.
A brilliant competitor, he won the KOBUDO World Cup and was a finalist in the Artistic Nunchaku World Championship.

Stephane Aniere:
He finished third at the WAKO World Cup in 1999, he regularily comes to the Paris Martial Arts Festival, he won the BRITISH OPEN in 1999.
All these titles prove that Stephane ANIERE is a real talented man for Artistic Nunchaku Kata. For the first time, he unveils the secrets of his success.

Florent Dillange:
A bronze medalist in the Junior World Championship in Artistic Nunchaku, Florent DILLANGE is a former student of Jean FRENETTE and practices Nenbushi Nunchaku (Feet/Fists). He is currently a federal instructor in Bordeaux.

Tony Holbe:
Originally coming from Fighting Nunchaku, Tony HOLBE is the highest ranked participant of this video. Thanks to a gymnastics training, he demonstrates Acrobatic Nunchaku. He was an Artistic Show European Champion.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
Running Time: 60 Minutes

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