Nogi Guard Passes DVD with Chris Brennan

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Chris "The Westside Strangler" Brennan is here to show you some of the best ways to pass the guard. Suitable for Grappling or MMA.

Chapters include:

Opening the guard

-Knee in the middle
-Knee knocker
-Knee hip push
-Ankle crush
-The bounce
Closed guard passes
-Double underhook pass for sport bjj
-Double underhook pass for MMA
-Standing knee drop pass
-Knee scissor pass
-Knee slide switch pass
Half guard passes
-Same side head pass
-Foot walk foot grab pass
-Foot walk knee slide pass
-Lockdown pass: leg stretch walk up
-Lockdown pass: walk up foot grab
-Deep half guard stepover slide pass
Butterfly passes
-Fly away pass
-Fly away pass to trap legs mount
-Switch 2 on 1 pass
-Switch 2 on 1 reach back pass
-Switch 2 on 1 flatten out pass
-Knee belly slide pass
-Knee belly slide pass from standing
-Stepover to knee on belly
-Knee squeeze & shuck to mount
-Reach over shoulder sit pass
Bonus chapters
-2 on 1 inside heelhook
-Sneaky mount from side
-Knee shuck to mount
-North south body lock break mount
-Step in the hole mount
-Rubber guard pass
-X-guard pass