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Ninjutsu Shinobiken DVD by Juan Hombre

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Ninjutsu Sword techniques by ninja Master Juan Hombre. Sensei Juan Hombre, accepted under the protection of the different traditional Ryuha that still survive in Japan and the only representative in Europe of the Koga tradition, directs this new and long-awaited work on Shinobiken, the Ninja sword. Under his guidance, expert students show us the different areas of training with the Shinobiken: the Salute Ceremonial, the 7 Warm-up Exercises, basic and advanced Kihon (the 7 blocks, the 7 cuts, the 7 combinations), as well as an extensive arsenal of techniques and strategies of the Ninja and the use of both direct and inverted sword (silent movements, fast races, body rolls, traps and tricks, preliminary, intermediate and advanced sword techniques, battlefield techniques, combat actions against samurai, night and melee actions, and quick draw). These are the maneuvers that differentiate the Ninja from other martial arts and that allow him to get out of the crosshairs to never be a fixed target on the battlefield.


Languages included in DVD: Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Français