Neckbreaker 2 DVD Set with Erik Paulson - Budovideos Inc
Neckbreaker 2 DVD Set with Erik Paulson - Budovideos Inc
Neckbreaker 2 DVD Set with Erik Paulson - Budovideos Inc
Neckbreaker 2 DVD Set with Erik Paulson - Budovideos Inc
Neckbreaker 2 DVD Set with Erik Paulson - Budovideos Inc

Neckbreaker 2 DVD Set with Erik Paulson

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In this deluxe 2-DVD set, Shooto champion and legendary MMA trainer Erik Paulson focuses upon one of the most devastating submissions known to man; Neck Cranks.

Erik displays a dizzying array of cranks, face locks, chokes, neck crank set-ups, and submissions that can be set-up by neck cranks (e.g., arm bars) from the ground and standing. He included variations for competition but for the street as well.

As Erik says, "these techniques aren't nice" and are designed to make even the toughest opponents concede.

Bonus material includes in-depth stretching and a large portion of Erik's personal "Ultimate Killer Neck Routine". Also, see Erik neck crank his way through five live opponents back-to-back during an actual training session at CSW headquarters in Fullerton, California! 

Customer Reviews

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David Tice
Free sparring at the end

The first DVD is a chiropractic instructional in itself for the neck. The second DVD gets into the instruction. I have most or a lot of Eric Paulson's excellent instructionals and I took a leglock seminar with him. His Killer Leglocks 1, 2 and 3 are must have instructionals.
Anyway at the end of the second DVD Erick does some cool rolling.

simen roth
good information here

good information here, but some more explanation would have been nice. personally i didnt like the majority of the first disc since it is mostly warm up and "chiropractic adjustments" to keep a persons neck healthy. i would rather not try chiropractics on some one since i am not a chiropractor. bottom line yet another dvd where paulson shows why his level of knowledge is almost unmatched.

Benjamin Gash
This is a difficult one to review.

This is a difficult one to review. While some of the instruction is limited, it is after all not a subject for beginners. If you've got Paulson's Student Level series or Bas Rutten's Big DVDs of combat, you'll know enough to get the most out of these DVDs.
What makes this really stand out is the way it shows neck cranks IN CONTEXT. Rather than a neck crank tutorial, it's more about how to add neck cranks to your game. It shows how to go for neck cranks when they defend conventional submissions, how to set up arm and leg submissions with neck cranks and so on. It's a real education in the "physical chess" of grappling, and fascinating to watch.

some decent info

Agreed, much like The Mount DVD, this 2 disc set leaves something to be desired. Still has some decent info though...just not worth the price and time to find it.

Joseph Burtner
The good

The good: extensive warm-up, stretching, and strengthening section; neumerous entries were demonstrated.

The bad: the DVD pretty much consisted of Paulson running through somewhat repetitive submission chains against his training partners, only rarely stopping to elaborate upon WHAT he was actually doing.

Decent, but definitely lacking.