Nakamura Ha Takeda Ryu DVD Vol 2 with Hisashi Nakamura

Nakamura Ha Takeda Ryu DVD Vol 2 with Hisashi Nakamura

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For Those Who Want to Know Real Aiki

Delve into the realm of real aiki with Nakamura Hisashi, who brings his extensive expertise in Takeda-ryu Aiki-no-jutsu to this instructional DVD. Emphasizing practicality and competition readiness, Nakamura Soke (grandmaster) explains and demonstrates aiki's core principles, including strikes, throws, and pinfalls, honed through competitive application and continuous evolution within the Nakamura-ha of Takeda-ryu.

Explore the comprehensive curriculum of Takeda-ryu Aiki-no-jutsu, where traditional aikido techniques have been transformed into a dynamic mixed martial arts system. Nakamura Hisashi, the founder of Nakamura-ha Takeda-ryu, shares insights and techniques that have been refined through his lifelong dedication to preserving and advancing the art. This DVD is essential for martial artists seeking practical applications of aikido in competitive scenarios.


Aikido Techniques:

  • Zenzai Aiki, Yokogata Aiki/Aiki Nage: Various forms of aiki throws.
  • Sote-tsuri, Both-hand-tsuri/Basic Techniques: Foundational techniques.
  • To-waza, Mochi-mawari-waza, Kote-waza, Ude-waza, Ashi-waza, Koshi-waza, Tachikyoku-waza, Yokukyoku-waza, Negatame-waza/Tori-waza Randori-waza: Comprehensive range of throwing and controlling techniques.
  • Striking Techniques, Main Throwing Techniques, Technique Explanation by Nakamura Soke, Model Tori-waza Randori Match/General Randori-waza: Detailed demonstrations and explanations.
  • Striking Techniques, Main Throwing Techniques, Main Negatame-waza, Technique Explanation by Nakamura Soke (Striking, Throwing, Kime), Model General Randori Match/Takeda-ryu Aiki-no-jutsu: Further insights into striking, throwing, and controlling techniques.

Takeda-ryu Aiki-no-jutsu:

  • Nuke-technique, Hand, Chest, Sleeve, Thrust, Kike-tsuri, Hachi-tsuri, Weapon-tsuri, Shin-tsuri: Advanced techniques and applications.

Instruction and Supervision:
◎ Nakamura Hisashi
Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1932, Nakamura Hisashi began his training in Takeda-ryu Aiki-no-jutsu in 1948 under Oba Ichio in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu. Following the passing of Oba in 1977, Nakamura founded Nakamura-ha Takeda-ryu to ensure the preservation and advancement of Takeda-ryu techniques. His efforts to introduce competitive formats for various Takeda-ryu martial arts, including aikido and iai, have been highly successful, contributing significantly to the art's development and accessibility.

Language: Japanese 

Run time: 58 min.


Nakamura Ha Takeda Ryu DVD Vol 2 with Hisashi Nakamura

Nakamura Ha Takeda Ryu DVD Vol 2 with Hisashi Nakamura

Regular price $39.95 USD
Regular price $59.00 USD Sale price $39.95 USD