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Mugen no Kokyu Ryoku DVD by Kanshu Sunadomari

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Aiki Manseido: Sunadomari Kinshu Commentary and Demonstration

Explore the essence of Aikido as envisioned by Ueshiba Morihei and transmitted through Sunadomari Kinshu's Aiki Manseido. This video delves into the profound depths of Aikido, emphasizing the concept of "musubi" — the foundation of aiki and the integration of spirit and body.


This recording features demonstrations and commentary by Sunadomari Kinshu and 19 dojo masters, showcasing various aspects of Aikido techniques and principles. The demonstrations were captured during the "Aiki Mansei Doman 50th Anniversary Demonstration Tournament," offering insights from multiple perspectives and scenarios.

  • Hyuga Dojo: Three-person wooden sword techniques
  • Miyazaki Dojo: Weapon techniques
  • Shizuoka Dojo: Free techniques
  • Nagasaki Kita Dojo: Three-person weapon techniques
  • Inasa Dojo: Free techniques
  • Mashiko Dojo: Two-person techniques
  • Izumido Dojo: Free techniques
  • Tarami Dojo: Weapon techniques
  • Kumamoto Shinkin Bank Aikido Club: Three-person techniques
  • Yokohama Dojo: Free techniques
  • Johoku Dojo: Staff techniques
  • Fukuoka Dojo: Free techniques
  • Nagasaki Dojo: Two-person weapon techniques
  • Shigetomi Dojo: Free techniques
  • Higo Bank Aikido Club: Staff techniques
  • Hombu Dojo: Four-person weapon techniques
  • Jonan Dojo: Two-person techniques
  • Shimonoseki Dojo: Multiple weapons techniques
  • Kagoshima Dojo: Two-person techniques

The instructional focus includes seated techniques, attack methodologies, the application of "breathing power," and strategies for handling multiple attackers. Gain profound insights into the spiritual and technical aspects of Aikido as envisioned by its founder, Morihei Ueshiba, and transmitted through Sunadomari Kinshu's teachings.

Instruction and Supervision: Michinaga Sunadomari
Born in Kagoshima in 1923, Sunadomari Kinshu trained under Morihei Ueshiba from a young age and attained the 9th dan in Aikido in 1961. He founded the Manseikan Aikido in 1969 in Kumamoto City, later renaming it Aiki Mansei-do in 1999. His lifelong pursuit has been to uncover the true essence of Aikido and its transformative power through the unity of mind and body.


Language: Japanese 

Run time: 79 min.


Mugen no Kokyu Ryoku DVD by Kanshu Sunadomari - Budovideos Inc

Mugen no Kokyu Ryoku DVD by Kanshu Sunadomari

Regular price $39.95 USD
Regular price $59.00 USD Sale price $39.95 USD