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Muay Thai Boran DVD by Arjarn Pimu

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Master Pimu is definitely one of the few martial artists who guards the Tradition of Muay Boran. It is the secret Thai weapon for training champions. Pimu´s special teachings remind us of the educational way Muay Boran was taught before the present way which focuses on super specializations. The Thai fight, the Thai kicks, the Thai punches, are only techniques within a complete coherent system called Muay Boran. For the first time, through one of his students and European representative, Marco Cesaris (well known by the readers, a just and sincere instructor), we have the opportunity to see a reflection of this work which will be accompanied by a video. It is basic for learning the authentic art of Muay Thai. Budo International has made it possible for Pimu to connect with the West and it is an honor for us to bring you one of the jewels from the Thai crown. He is a man that is simple and wise, a master of tradition, a trainer of champions, always keeping alive the keys that have truly made Thai Martial Art great. If making contact is what you like, do not fall behind, do not lose this opportunity.

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French