Morihei Ueshiba & Aikido 2: Takemusu Aiki DVD (Preowned)

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“Takemusu Aiki” includes outstanding, rare footage of the Aikido Founder from the years 1952-1958.

Since O-Sensei was stil vigorous in his early 70s, the quality of the action scenes in these historical films is at times astounding. Many people overlook the fact that Morihei Ueshiba's aikido is the starting point of all modern forms of the art. Also, most consider his skills to be unsurpassed by anyone to date.

The modern software tools that we now have available have allowed us to improve upon the quality of the original film footage by a significant degree. O-Sensei never looked better!

The O-Sensei films in “Takemusu Aiki” will run nearly 40 minutes and the DVD will also include a documentary titled “Iwama: Birthplace of Aikido” that gives an overview of the Founder’s activities in Iwama after World War II and the emergence of modern aikido. The total program will run 55-60 minutes.