Modern BJJ 6 DVD Set by Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros

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This 6 volume set by Rodrigo Medeiros covers escapes from throws and takedowns, beating the guard, sweeps, reversals, escaping the mount, attacks from the back and more.

Vol 1: Escapes from street situations, throws and takedowns. Comprido and Jacare demonstrate today's version of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu's counters to street attacks, as well as an array of throws and takedowns.

Vol 2: Beating the guard position and sweeps and reversals from the guard. Comprido and Jacare reveal Modern Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu's techniques for breaking and passing the guard position, as well as sweeps and reversals from the guard.

Vol 3: More sweeps and reversals from the guard and submission from the guard. The Reverse: In this tape, Comprido and Jacare continue to reveal their arsenal of escapes from the guard position and add in the fine art of entering into a submission hold from the guard.

Vol 4: Beating the side mount position and escapes from the bottom. Comprido and Jacare teach the viewer how to defeat one of the most common and menacing holds - the side mount position. They then progress into escapes when you're on the bottom, and one of the most compromising positions of all - the knee in the belly.

Vol 5: The mount position. Once considered the "you're history" hold, many conters have been developed for the famous mount position. Comprido and Jacare demonstrate the best counters for this devastating hold, as well as how to escape from this hold and apply submissions.

Vol 6: Attacks from the back. One of the most dangerous situations a fighter can face is an attack from behind. Comprido and Jacare demonstrate how to attack your opponent from the back, and how to counter an attack from the back.