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The Mizuno Colored Belts are sharp, clean and vibrant. Show off your colors with these well priced belts that are below competitive brands. You get solid belts with bright colors and Mizuno guilty you can depend on. Available in Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, and Brown.

Mizuno Belt Size Chart

Size Length (inches)
000 75"
00 78"
0 79"
1 82"
2 87"
3 94"
4 105"
5 112"
6 124"
7 130"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Felix Santos
Great customer service

Got my Oder right away.

paul petersen
Intended use

I bought thinking they are belts as in clothing...

They must be martial arts given length, thickness, width....

Jean Carlo Sandoval


top notch customer service

See previous review. Contacted the store and the exchange was done smoothly and hassle free. Would spend money here again, 100%

Joshua Suzara
Sizing chart is off..

Needed to replace a long, flappy brown belt and a new blue belt to compete in.. ive only recieved one belt with note thay the second was shipped separately. bummer :(

Second bummer: the size chart is totally off. I ordered a size three and assuming both belts are the same size, these belts are closer to 98 inches. Thats at least two inches on each tail end that i didnt measure for.

Other than that the quality of the belts is very clear. They are sturdy and thick, yet soft and piable. you would love a properly sized mizuno belt.