Maximum Damage: Destructive Kicks & Knees of Muay Thai DVD with Malaipet

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Muay Thai is renown for its extensive use of kicks and knees attacks. It goes without saying that Muay Thai kicks and knees attacks have transformed the modern martial arts worlds of competitive kickboxing as well as mixed martial arts.

Now for the first time in an instructional DVD, legendary seven time Muay Thai world champion, Malaipet Sitarvut, shows you how to not only deliver devastating kick and knee attacks, but also how to defend against them as well.

In addition to the aforementioned techniques, Malaipet demonstrates the proper footwork & leg blocks that are essential to combating and defeating opponents whether it be in the ring or on the street.
Content :

-Wai Kru - The Muay Thai ritual / dance of respects
-Muay Thai Footworks: Right hander and South Paw. Forward, Backward, Side
-Muay Thai leg blocks / checks
-Teep ( Push Kicks ): Proper Techniques & Excecutions, Defences & Attacks
-Low Kicks : Proper Techniques & Excecution, Defences & Attacks
-Body Kicks : Proper Techniques & Excecution, Defences & Attacks
-Neck / Head Kicks:Proper Techniques & Excecution, Defences & Attacks
-Muay Thai Knees: Proper Techniques & Excecution, Defences & Attacks
-Pre Fight Live training at Muay Thai gym

Customer Reviews

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King Cobra
Kicks butt (no pun intended)

I really like Malaipet's vids which are concise vignettes of the various kicks/knee techniques. The vignettes are not laborious or verbose, like some instructional videos. He just gets down to business. I have my laptop next to my heavy boxing bag and watch the particular technique, then do it. Malaipet's striking/elbow video is excellent as well. Con: the staging and filming has room for improvement. I simply block out the rooster crowing in the background.

Thanks for the review. Also check out Malaipet's Muay Thai Clinch