Mastering the Devastating Hands & Elbows of Muay Thai DVD with Malaipet

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Learn MUAY THAI from Real Thai with 20+ years professional experience.  Kru.Malaipet is the current W.B.C International Superwelterweight  Champion with almost 200 fights under his belt!
Elbow strikes are known to be among the most devastating weapons available in the MUAY THAI arsenal.  Renowned for their accuracy and ability to inflict damage, an effective elbow strike will destroy an opponent within seconds.  In this INSTRUCTIONAL DVD, legendary seven time Muay Thai  World Champion, Malaipet Sitarvut, teaches the techniques used for delivering these elbow strikes, and how they can be incorporated to inflict the maximum amount of damage on an opponent. In addition to the elbow attacks shown on this 46 minutes Instructional DVD, Malaipet demonstrates the proper usage and execution of such indispensable hand techniques as the Jab, Right Cross, Short Hook, Long Hook, and Uppercut. Raise your  fighting skills to the next level by mastering the devastating elbows and hands of Muay Thai!  
Contents :
~Muay Thai Jab
~ Muay Thai Crosses
~ Muay Thai Short Hooks
~Muay Thai Long Hooks
~ Muay Thai uppercuts
~Muay Thai combo
~Muay Thai Sliding Elbows
~Muay Thai Uppercut Elbows
~Muay Thai Spinning Elbows
~Muay Thai Back Hand Elbows
~Muay Thai Chop Down Elbows
~Muay Thai Snapping Elbows
~ Muay Thai Proper Foot Pivoting
~ Muay Thai Fighting Stance and Footwork
~Pre-Fight Training Clip