Mastering Ki Society Aikido 6 DVD Set with Ken Ota (Preowned)

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This series includes all requirements to 1st Degree Black Belt. Ken Ota originally practiced the grappling arts Sumo and Judo, which he regularly participated in from the time he had been placed in the Japanese internment camps of World War II. It was not until 1963 during his regular commutes to Los Angeles for dance lessons that he came across the art of Aikido. The whole Ota family enrolled in classes under Isao Takahashi. The Ota’s then moved onto training in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido under Koichi Tohei.

The Ota’s built their own "cultural school" next to their Goleta home, which could easily transform into a dojo when fitted with removable tatami mats; the main wall adorns a traditional Japanese shomen, which includes photos of Morihei Ueshiba, Koichi Tohei, and a large Ki symbol painted by Tohei himself.

The Ota’s offered classes to children and adults in Judo and Aikido, and also consulted local law enforcement. Ken was hired to teach martial arts at UC Santa Barbara and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he became advisor for several clubs, including a women's Judo team.

DVD 1: Basics
  • Interview
  • How to fold a hakama
  • Bowing
  • Stretching
  • Warm ups
  • Ukemi (rolls and breakfalls)
  • Centering
  • Concept of Ki -unbendable arm -unliftable body -ki testing -human bridge
  • Ki Breathing

DVD 2: Basic Defensive Techniques

This video covers the foundation of Ki Society Aikido techniques. Aiki taiso, ki testing, and applications of the art are shown in techniques. Aiki taiso include:

  • Zanshin Koshin
  • Funakogi Undo
  • Ikkyo undo
  • Happo Undo
  • Sayu
  • Udefuri Choyaku
  • Zenpo nage
  • Zenshin nage

DVD 3: Knife Defense

This video includes instruction on dozens of techniques including attacks from:

  • Yokemenuchi strike
  • Shomenuchi strike
  • Katatedori grab
  • Kubishime (choke)
  • Knife defense

Also included are many different pins and disarming techniques.

DVD 4: Suwariwaza

This video covers dozens of techniques including:

  • Transitions
  • Henka waza
  • Gun defense
  • Suwariwaza (Seated techniques)

DVD 5:  Weapons

This is the most comprehensive video ever made on Ki Society jo and bokken instruction. This video includes:

  • Jo Kata #1
  • Jo Kata #2
  • Jo nage (throwing with the jo)
  • Jo tori (taking the jo away from the attacker)
  • Bokken Kata #1

Katas and techniques are shown in both regular and slow motion. Katas are also demonstrated with an attacker to illustrate the meaning of the movements.

DVD 6: Randori

Part 6 includes instruction on multi person attacks (randori). Contents include:

  • Group warm ups
  • 2 person static grab
  • 3 person static grab
  • Randori basics
  • 2 person dynamic attack
  • 3 person dynamic attack
  • 4 person dynamic attack

Randori is shown in regular and slow motion.

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Very Detailed Explanations

I liked the easy to follow instructions and truly learned to appreciate Aikido and it's philosophy even more. The only reason I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because my set was missing disc #3. I got two #5's. (The disc labeled #3 was the exact same as #5)