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Mastering Chokes by John Will & David Meyer (On Demand)

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Mastering Chokes is the second in a new ground-breaking series by BJJ pioneers John Will and David Meyer. Each entry in this new mastery series, offers unparalleled instruction on a specific topic. You will be amazed at the high level of detail and technical info that this series offers. This goes way beyond a meager collection of techniques; the progressive structure and teaching methodologies employed in the development of this series, sets a new standard. But don't think that extremely detailed and concise instruction is a trade-off for quantity – these series contain a serious amount of information; enough to satisfy the most hard-core BJJ aficionado's.



Chokes from the mount 
-Black belt pointers 
-Cross lapel choke from the mount 
-Lapel half nelson choke 
-Triangle from mount 
-Double cuff choke 

Chokes from side control 
-Black belt pointers 
-Cross lapel choke 
-Spinning choke 
-Forearm choke 
-Jump over head/arm choke 

Chokes from the guard 
-Black belt pointers 
-Front choke 
-Cross lapel choke from guard 
-Triangle from guard 
-Single lapel lever choke 

Chokes from side back control 
-Black belt pointers 
-Clock choke 
-Single collar crucifix choke 
-Collar and leg control crucifix choke 
-Rolling lapel leg control choke 

Chokes from back control 
-Black belt pointers 
-Double lapel choke 
-Back choke 
-Clock choke from back control 
-Rear triangle from back control 

Chokes from head to head 
-Black belt pointers 
-Rolling lapel half-nelson 
-Rolling "T" choke 
-Half triangle choke from head to head 
-Chin lock roll-over to head/arm choke

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