Mae Mai & Look Mai Muay Thai DVD with Marco de Cesaris

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The fruit of intense research and trips, Arjarn Marco de Cesaris reveals to us the Mae Mai forms of the Thai tradition, the denomination for the techniques, strategies and methods used in the principle fundamentals of Muay Thai Boran. In the teaching section, you will learn the basic techniques Naka Bid Hang, Paksa Waek Rang, Morn Yan Lak, and Hak Nguang Ayara with their variations, their combinations, and application to the Paos, as well as Mae Mai in series. The video is completed with sequences recorded in Thailand with technical demonstrations of Mae Mai with the Masters Woody and Ulit, among others, and exhibitions and competitions of Wai Kru and Mae Mai. An authentic treasure recovered from the Siamese martial tradition.

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French