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Legal Pain 4 DVD Set with Wade Schalles

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For those of you who know of Wade Schalles and his astonishing career as an athlete, coach, and instructor, this DVD course successfully combines the Wade of 25 years ago with the Wade of today in an all inclusive and entertaining package on the art and science of PINNING!

Wade personally holds the number one spot in the GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS for the MOST VICTORIES (821) and MOST PINS (530). He has defeated 36 national champions (pinning an AMAZING 17 of them) as well as defeating 8 World titlists (each total is considered a record).

Off the market for over a decade, this MUST-HAVE instructional video set has been digitally remastered and updated with HOURS of new, never-before-seen footage from the original series.

In the original LEGAL PAIN videtape series, Coach Schalles created what would become the nations most popular (#1 bestseller) instruction video in the history of wrestling. Included in LEGAL PAIN, you will learn:

-The Reverse Headlock
-Clock Theory
-Reverse Ball and Chain Pinning
-The 3 Key Principles of Pinning
-The Head Wrap Half
-The Cement Mixer
-The Whizzer series
-Stepping over the Whizzer to Score
-Chicken Wings Aren't for Chickens
-Front Chancery
-The Double Half Nelson
...and MUCH MORE!

As an extra bonus, we have included a KILLER BONUS DVD, Applied Wrestling for Grappling and MMA featuring Wade's thoughts and strategies for the current grappling and MMA scene! I wasn't going to include this at all since LEGAL PAIN already has over 2 hours of new footage BUT since the primary market for this DVD is pinners (i.e., wrestlers) I wanted the stellar athletes in high school and collegiate wrestling programs a glimpse at the emerging sport of MMA.

Some of the topics covered:

-The trick to the Headlock Takeover
-Why you want to shift the opponents weight forward
-A jawbreaker submission from the bar arms
-The fine line between legal and illegal
-The Tree Theory
-Survival Theory
-How to use mechanical advantage while crossfacing
-How to double your weight instantly
-Another way to make a 300lb gorilla out of a 150lbs wrestler
-The Legal Pain bear hug
-Trapping the arms for MMA
-Ideas for dealing with the "guard"
-A novel front trachea choke
-How to take away their will to win
-The chin-twist-pick
-The head wrap half
-Leg ride submissions
-The spladle
-Why Loosey-Goosey Wins It
-How to optimize your wrestling strategy and game plan
-Unique head & arm submissions
-How to wring your opponent out like a dish-rag
-and A TON MORE!

(NOTE: This is Wade's portion from the recent "Dominating the Mat" clinic.)
Legal Pain 4 DVD Set with Wade Schalles - Budovideos Inc

Legal Pain 4 DVD Set with Wade Schalles

Regular price $98.95 USD
Regular price $119.00 USD Sale price $98.95 USD

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Great 👍

Brian Vermillion
Thoughts on Legal Pain.

This instructional set is well worth it. The details in respect to the mechanics of each step of each move is impeccable. Excellent teaching methods for beginners or improving a champion's existing skill set.