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Lameco Eskrima Essential Knife 1 DVD by Dave Gould

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Punong Guro Edgar Sulite founded system LAMECO Eskrima being based on the knowledge that to him the Great Teachers transmitted with whom he studied in the Philippines. A system specialized in the 3 distances battle and their combinations, and based on the opportunity: the perception and the reaction. In this first work, Dave Gould, one of the maximum and Guro exponents the system last instructor certified by Sulite, present/display one to us of its specialties: the knife. In "Essential Knife", you will discover the exercises that will allow you to remain watchmen with your surroundings and to respond using your weapon in unexpected situations.

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French

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Ricky Cook
David Gould Lameco Escrima DVD 1-2-3

The Lameco Escrima knife DVDs by David Gould are some of the best I've seen . Truly amazing and talented martial arts instructor .

Dragan Milojevic
If you're seriously into knife

If you're seriously into knife use in fighting, Guro Gould has presented here some absolutely necessary principles and techniques that are pertinent to other weapons, too, as well as to empty handed self defense. The presentation is clear and direct to the point, without unnecessary "flash" - strictly functional combat stuff.
All the material is shown in resistance drills and "live" work, so you'll be sure it works, but mostly important, you'll be able to see how much effort and intensity it takes to be good in this endeavor.