Kyusho Self Protection for Women DVD by Evan Pantazi

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In the second level build from the first, but for this production we used a novice to better illustrate the simplicity and power of self protection with Kyusho.

This level includes the same targets and weapons along with new targets and weapons geared to handling increased stress and confinement of attack or situation. This escalates the urgency, intensity and allows the participant to experience the limitations of the adrenaline rush. This poses a more difficult range of motion and timing, as well as adding a more immediate and personal attack feeling.

Physical pressure
Physically caught and constrained need
Escalated street scenarios
Restriction of normal clothing
… and more.

“Kyusho Self Protection” for Women

The term “Self Defense” has a negative connotation that from the start can yield failure for the user.  The problem is that this label already portrays in the mindset that the individual is a victim of a violent act or aggression and that the practitioner should perform a defensive action.  This premise of acting after the fact is why most people succumb to the aggressors’ actions and never fully recover from the initial attack or fear inducing situation.

The Woman must not become defensive; she must be aware of her situation and not dismiss or ignore possible threat.  She must become proactive and gain the initiative and momentum while forcing confusion in the attackers’ mindset to have a possibility of advantage.

Kyusho Self Protection is a vital training process that deals in the realities of an attack.

It is simple yet powerful training process that enables the smaller, weaker, slower or older less aggressive individual a chance against the larger, stronger, more aggressive and potentially crazy attacker.

By using the weaker anatomical targets of the body in conjunction with your own natural body actions and tendencies you can easily protect yourself or others, even under the stress and physical limitations when your adrenaline kicks in.  And by working in a stepped and progressive manner with your own gross motor skills (instead of someone else’s techniques), your chances victory are eminent.

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