Kyusho Jitsu Seizing DVD by Evan Pantazi

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The old Masters knew the more focus you trained, the higher the skill level you attained.  And so it is as we focus on one of the 6 Ji Hands of the Bubishi, the Iron Claw and it’s awesome potential in Kyusho.  You will learn how to correctly form and use this specific hand position to cause physical pain, dysfunction and even render your opponent unconscious. This weapon is not new to most in the arts as it is one of the more common weapons.  However it is not typically employed as was intended, nor is it typically taught to target Kyusho or Dim Mak in modern times.  This is a very versatile weapon that originally targeted the weaker anatomical structures of nerve and blood vessels. These Kyusho and Dim Mak targets can be located and attacked using this weapon on the wrist, forearm, upper arm, neck, face, even on the leg. Learn this powerful technique handed down through the centuries as we work Kyusho “Seizing”

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French