Kyusho Jitsu Pressure Points Anatomy DVD by Jean Paul Bindel

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By Jean Paul Bindel 9.Dan Kyusho-Jitsu

Jean-Paul Bindel has practiced martial arts for over 50 years and is graduated in 15 martial art styles.
He specialized in Kyusho Jitsu 15 years ago, and has introduced this method in many European countries.

Kyusho Jitsu is the art of pressure points. Based on the ancient acupuncture meridians of Chinese medicine, Kyusho Jitsu allows you to hurt your opponent with neurological pain caused by hits, pressure or friction on the pressure points. Jean-Paul Bindel, European expert of this discipline, reveals all secrets to perform strikes, controls and K.O.

You will also learn some Kuatsu techniques to cure and recover from pressure points attacks.
This Film is a brand new edition of old VHS video. It includes new filmed parts and a deeper program updated by Jean-Paul Bindel.

Languages: English, German, French
Running Time: 75 Minutes

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Gerard Doherty
great title

watched 3 times already great DVD