Kyusho Compressions DVD with Evan Pantazi

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As we advance our study in Kyusho, we find that it goes far beyond mere squeezing or pressure on a given pressure point, it is concerned with combative skills and the realities involved. It’s efficiency and adaptability enable the practitioner to delve far beyond simplistic striking, kicking or even grappling. It also takes into account the limiting factors of stress, environmental and situational imperatives prevalent in real conflict. To further explain these issues think about situations where you were packed in a bus, train or elevator so tight you were pressed into everyone. What is possible? How can you exert control or strategy in such tight confines? This is where Kyusho again excels as a valuable asset, when regular reactionary fighting or defensive action is limited. One particular aspect is the more advanced study and application of compressions and directional force to achieve varied results. What is meant by compression is not simple pressing or pressure on a vital point, but more specifically the angular pulsing action into the anatomical weakness. Some similar ideas are presented in many Martial styles, yet not with the array of targets and methods exuded in Kyusho. Compressions are possibly dangerous and damaging if you do not work them properly and I cannot stress enough not to try the technique mentioned in this article, or on the DVD, as they are powerful and potentially damaging, they were done for historical record only.
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