Kyokushin Karate Buki DVD Vol 2: Jo & Sai

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Karate was called Te from ancient times, and is a method of self-protection that flowered in the Ryukyu islands.Te is the instinctive, unconscious defense of oneself against an enemy's attack,and in ancient times its movements were called Te Mo I.

Development in Ryukyu improved these techniques, which evolved into Karate.  Sayings such as ''Don't hit anyone and don't get hit by anyone -this is the way to get by'', and also ''No first move in Karate'' - this ascetic culture and the martial arts of wise men are what people called ''Karate,''which then took on inner spiritual and philosophical elements, coming to be known as ''Karate Do.''
Chapters include:

Tachikata(How to Stand)

Kihon Dosa
Rei Ho
Kihon Keiko
Hon Teuchi
Gyaku Teuchi
Hiki Otoshi Uchi
Kaeshi Tuski
Kumi Tsuke
Sotai Keiko
Tsuki Zue
Sui Getsu
Tachi Otoshi

Kihon Dosa
Kihon Keiko
Tawada no Sai Sho
Tawada no Sai Dai
Tawada no Sai Sho
Tawada no Sai Dai


Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 80 min.