Kurt Osiander & Sean Roberts Seminar (On Demand)

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The one and only Kurt Osiander was joined by Sean Roberts for a special seminar at Budo HQ on March 15th, 2013.
Topics include:
1 Omoplata from closed guard to armlock 2 Omoplata to mounted kimura or armlock
3 Omoplata from side control
4 Omoplata cross choke double attack from half guard
5 Reverse omoplata from side control
6 Breaking someone down in the omoplata position
7 Dealing with a standing opponent
8 Defending the omoplata

1 Triangle from closed guard
2 Finishing the triangle when opponent defends
3 Sneaky triangle from sitting up guard
4 Finishing the triangle when opponent stands and backs out
5 Countering the counter
6 Triangle from double underhooks
7 Sean's infamous calf slicer

*Warning: Harsh language!
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