Kapap Lotar Krav Maga Gun Disarming DVD with Avi Nardia

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Sergeant Uri Kaffe of the Israeli Border Police Unit and student of Lieutenant Coronel Chaim Peer (founder of Kapap) and of Avi Nardia (Yamam Special Forces) is currently an instructor of Krav Maga and Kapap Lotar. In this video he shows us the disarm techniques of firearms that are integrated into the CQB (Close Quarter Battle) section of the Kapap system.

Disarm techniques, throws and control of the most habitual situations following the 7 basic points of disarm: the luck factor, line of fire, the technology of the weapon, evaluation of the situation, timing, the surroundings, and the post-conflict, all factors that will determine the success of our reaction.

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French

Customer Reviews

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complete waste of money.

I teach self-defense including Krav Maga. I mean no disrespect; but this DVD is NOT good at all...the worst of any I have purchased, which is many. I am always looking, asking, and learning, to add to my skills. If just one good skill can come out of a teaching, it is always worth the time and money. This DVD shows only a few techniques in this very short video, and most all of it is talking. I am sorry, but a complete waste of money.

eugenio di loreto
I highly recommend

I am self defense instructor, and I think this dvd is good to learn better some of the best gun disarming techniques. I highly recommend

Officer M.
I would like to recommend this

I would like to recommend this very good Dvd to anyone who want to learn about real self defense. This Dvd allows you to understand the principles and concepts of the Kapap system.