Krav Maga Combatives: Maximum Effect Book by David Kahn

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This book is designed for krav maga trainees, security-conscious civilians, law enforcement officers, security professionals, and military personnel alike who wish to refine their essential krav maga combatives, improve their chances of surviving a hostile attack and prevail without serious injury.

Combatives are the foundation of krav maga counter-attacks. These are the combatives of the original Israeli Krav Maga Association (Grandmaster Gidon).

It is irrefutable that you need only learn a few core combatives to be an effective fighter. Simple is easy. Easy is effective. Effective is what is required to end a violent encounter quickly, decisively, and on your terms. This book stresses doing the right things and doing them in the right way. Right technique + Correct execution = Maximum Effect.

Contents include:

  • Key strategies for achieving maximum combative effects
  • Krav maga’s 12 most effective combatives
  • Developing power and balance
  • Combatives for the upper and lower body
  • Combative combinations and retzev (continuous combat motion)
  • Combatives for takedowns and throws
  • Combatives for armbars, leglocks, and chokes


Whatever your martial arts or defensive tactics background or if you have no self-defense background at all, this book can add defensive combatives and combinations to your defensive repertoire. Our aim is to build a strong self-defense foundation through the ability to optimally counter-attack.

About the Author

David Kahn serves as the Israeli Krav Maga Association's U.S. Chief Instructor and teaches federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies along with all branches of the U.S. military. David is the only American ever to sit on the non-profit Israeli Krav Maga Association's board of directors. David is also a certified instructor through the New Jersey Police Training Commission and Mercer County Police Academy and also teaches at the New Jersey State Police Academy.

David received his advanced blackbelt teaching certifications from Grandmaster Haim Gidon of the Israeli Krav Maga Association.

David graduated from Princeton University cum laude and received his juris doctor from the University of Miami School of Law. Professionally, David has recruited Emmy Award Winning Actor James Gandolfini and Grammy Award Winning Musician John Mayer as his financial partners for developing krav maga along with his brother, Abel Kahn.

340 pages

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