Kosaka's Super Ground Techniques Vol 3: Bottom Position DVD - Budovideos Inc

Kosaka's Super Ground Techniques Vol 3: Bottom Position DVD

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Tsuyoshi Kosaka's Ground Technique Encyclopedia: Bottom Position Edition

In this fourth volume of his comprehensive ground technique series, Tsuyoshi Kosaka, renowned for his expertise in MMA and grappling, shares his extensive knowledge on bottom position techniques. This edition includes basic to advanced techniques, combination moves, and counters for practical application in fights, featuring his signature TK Scissors move.


1. Escapes and Sweeps from Guard

  • Escaping by inserting the armpit
  • Securing the arm
  • Using the knee to escape
  • Countering guard passes
  • Standing up from guard
  • Defending against sweeps

2. Attacks from Guard Position

  • Armbar
  • Armlock
  • Front sleeper hold
  • Nelson lock
  • Straight armbar
  • Triangle choke
  • Omoplata
  • Knee bar
  • Achilles lock

3. Defensive Techniques

  • Defending against the armbar
  • Defending against the armlock
  • Defending against the front sleeper hold and Nelson lock
  • Defending against the triangle choke
  • Defending against the omoplata
  • Defending against the straight armbar
  • Defending against sweeps
  • Defending against the Achilles lock

4. TK Scissors Techniques

  • From mount position
  • From side position
  • From Kesa-Gatame
  • From Kami-Shiho-Gatame (north-south position)

5. Foundational Training

  • Leg kicks
  • Leg rotations
  • Getting up
  • Bouncing back up

Featured Fighter: Tsuyoshi Kosaka (KOSAKA TSUYOSHI)

Born on March 6, 1970, in Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture, Tsuyoshi Kosaka began practicing Judo during his junior high school years. He followed an elite Judo path through Seikyo High School (now Nara University-affiliated High School), Senshu University, and the Toray Judo Club. In September 1993, he joined the professional wrestling organization RINGS and quickly rose to prominence by defeating numerous international competitors. In March 1998, he gained international recognition by defeating the formidable Kimo at the 16th UFC event. Kosaka became a top contender in the UFC, securing many memorable victories and solidifying his reputation as "TK" worldwide.

After returning to Japan in October 2001, he competed primarily in PRIDE, claiming the inaugural Pancrase Super Heavyweight Championship in October 2004 by defeating Ron Waterman. Kosaka retired from active competition after facing Mark Hunt in the first round of the PRIDE Openweight Grand Prix in May 2006. Post-retirement, he focused on coaching at his gym, ALLIANCE-SQUARE, and engaged in various activities such as TV commentary and publishing instructional materials. In 2015, Kosaka garnered attention for coaching the Japanese national rugby team in tackling techniques, contributing to their remarkable World Cup performance. He returned to active competition on New Year's Eve the same year in the RIZIN ring, achieving victory and earning acclaim as a middle-aged star.

Language: Japanese

Length: 181 min.


Kosaka's Super Ground Techniques Vol 3: Bottom Position DVD - Budovideos Inc

Kosaka's Super Ground Techniques Vol 3: Bottom Position DVD

Regular price $39.95 USD
Regular price $59.00 USD Sale price $39.95 USD