Ko Matsuhisa Stretching Method: Warming Up & Cooling Down DVD

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Four times of All-Japan Champions, five times of World Karate Championships participation, a young emperor Ko Matsuhisa of the karate world in Japan.
For amazing kicking!
He hopes his training will help you!!

    • Chapter 1 Warming up
      ・Warming up and Cooling down
      ・How to relax
      ・Walking exercise
      ・Stepping exercise for hip joints
      ・Stretch the side
      ・Hip joints Warming up
      ・Slow movement into quick movement 1
      ・Slow movement into quick movement 2
      ・Shoulder blade flexibility 1
      ・Shoulder blade flexibility 2
      ・Shoulder blade flexibility 3
      ・Shoulder blade flexibility 4
      ・Hip joints flexibility 1 - Movement beside hip joints
      ・Hip joints flexibility 2 - Reaction and breathing

Language: Japanese

Run Time: 90 min.

    • Warming up before Kumite match

    • Chapter 2 Stretching
      ・Hip joints stretching 1- Legs and hips
      ・Hip joints stretching 2 - Quadriceps muscle
      ・Hip joints stretching 3 - Adductor muscle
      ・Shoulder blade stretching
      ・Shoulder and back stretching
      ・Hamstrings stretching
      ・Stomach stretching
      ・Inner muscle stretching

    • Chapter 3 Cooling down
      ・My ideas about cooling down

  • Chapter 4 Core training
    ・About core training
    ・Balance disc training 1 - Improve balance ability
    ・Balance disc training 2 - Push up
    ・Balance disc training 3 - Kick keeping proper posture
    ・Balance disc training 4 - Hamstrings
    ・Balance ball training 1 - Keep balance
    ・Balance ball training 2 - Jump onto a ball (advanced)
    ・Balance ball training 3 - Raise knees
    ・Balance ball training 4 - Adductor muscles training
    ・Balance ball training 5 - Kicking
    ・Balance ball training 6 - Tsuki
    ・Balance ball training 7 - Shoulder and the core
    ・Stretch pole exercises

Language: Japanese & English

Run Time: 102 min.