Knife Unconditional Mastery DVD with Vladimir Vasiliev

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This GRAND production by Vladimir Vasiliev is your complete guide to knife training, it presents a new vision of knife work.
You will get the most comprehensive lessons on choosing your blade and history of knives, swift draws on the move and subtle conceals, an unbelievable variety of cutting and stabbing work, developing speed, agility, peripheral vision, wrist power and dexterity, precision of contact and dosage of impact, 5 levels of fear and fear dissipation, professional work with the handle, tip and fl at of the blade, and effects of weapons on your psyche.

You will realize how tension causes loss of speed and accuracy, leads to injuries and increased bleeding. You will also meet the double challenge of realistic knife fighting - knife cuts and stabs combined with strikes, pushes, holds and ground work.

Experience the rarely seen professional Short Work in action, cutting through 2 attackers in one slash, working with 2 blades in one hand, flash disarms of 3 knife wielding attackers!

Learn to cut through your fear and arm yourself with Unconditional Mastery. 

Customer Reviews

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Linh Chau
Systema knife is a great approach to weapon fighting

I have practised several different martial arts and got quite well with certain weapons.
But then when I watched this DVD and started to play with my knives the way it taught, I got an entirely different level of skills when I used my knives. I knew them intimately better and used them with more intuition.

The instruction in the DVD is very details.