King of the Kimura DVD with Chris Brennan

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Chris "the Westside Strangler" Brennan is widely regarded as one of the first American Jiu-jitsu practitioners who really embraced NoGi grappling. Although he started training in the gi at the Gracie Academy, early on in his training he focused completely on NoGi and MMA. Chris is not only a professional grappling instructor but he is also an avid competitor with matches in the UFC, Pride, KOTC, BJJ Worlds, and ADCC.
On this DVD Chris teaches his signature KIMURA submission. This is Chris' favorite sub and after watching this it will be yours too! The Westside Strangler shows you how to get the kimura from just about all positions including the mount, side control, guard, half guard and more. Not only does Chris show you how to get the submission, but he also shows you how to both defend and counter the move.
Intro to Kimuras
Basic Kimura
Kimura from guard
Kimura flip counter
Knee in first
Rolling Kimura with legs off single
Kimura from single to arm bar
Kimura from single
Spin under arm bar
Spin under arm bar to Kimura
North South keylock
Kimura from mount
Straight arm bar from Kimura
Straight arm bar from keylock
Kimura from side control
Lock flow drill
Arm Kimura
One arm Kimura
Kimura from top half guard
Kimura defense
Kimura counter from back
Grip details
Rolling Kimura from knee on belly
Kimura defense
Switch arm bar from back
Bonus techniques:
Trachea choke from sprawl
Compression chamber
Darce roll
Heel hook from butterfly guard
Toe hold from butterfly guard

Customer Reviews

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David Tice
Great instructional

I have all of Chris Brennan's old and new instructionals. His original Kimura instructional is very good, ahead of its time and this one even better. Use to watch Brennan fight in King of the Cage. He beat Antonio McKee who was a beast. Antonio McKee was a better wrestler than Rampage Jackson. He use to train with Rampage. If you get Brennan's instructionals you'll get better. Saw Brennan compete in person in 2005 ADCC. Talked to him briefly.
Ironically for me the bonus techniques are what makes this DVD instructional worth it.
He shows a heel hook and then a toe hold from the butterfly guard.