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Kickboxing Savate 3 DVD Set by Salem Assli

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This excellent DVD series by Professor Salem Assli, shows all the fundamental Kickboxing training drills necessary to develop a perfect sense of distance and timing in combat. From the basics combinations to the more advanced technical progression in the art of Savate, Professor Assli systematically instructs you through the use of training with equipment (heavy bag, focus mitts, forearm pads, etc…) and the lethal Self-Defense techniques developed in the streets of Paris by the old savateurs. It’s a dynamic series including all the essential elements to become proficient in the art of Kickboxing Savate. 
DVD 1:  Equipment Training
DVD 2: Sparring Drills
DVD 3: Self-Defense 

Customer Reviews

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Two good discs and one great disc...

The discs on sparring and using equipment are very well done and informative.

However, the jewel of this set is the self defense disc.

Years ago, I had Mr. Assli's Mastering Savate (on VHS no less!) and it was very good from the sporting perspective.

However, I much more interested in the combative aspects of savate, and the tape on self defense in Mastering Savate disappointed me.

While not quite an hour long, the self defense disc in this set is packed with old school savate streetfighting techniques. There are also discussions on how other arts (Muay Thai and Jujutsu for example) influenced savateurs.

All in all well worth your time if you are interested in savate.