Keysi Risk Situations Vol 2 DVD with Justo Dieguez

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In this second video of the series, Justo Dieguez, creator of the KFM Keysi Fighting Method, teaches us to systematically implement the tools on which the principles and concepts of the method are based, starting from patterns and basic sequences of defense against middle distance fist attacks.

The street is not Boxing, Kick-Boxing or Thai-boxing, the street is brutal. We do not have space or answers, it's not something we expect, it will be a shock! Therefore, in order to achieve the highest efficiency in risk situations, we must know and understand all the tools we have. Justo Dieguez explains in detail the basic sequences and the different defense possibilities in this distance (block defense, shoulder defense, Pensador defense ...) to gradually incorporate and combine new elements such as Pensaevo, Pensa-shoulder, Pensa-head, Pensa-hammer, and battering ram blow, demolishing tools and features of KFM that can be used in both defense and attack.

The sword does not make the Warrior; it is the Warrior who makes the sword. The objective is simple: combine our tools to create a space with the opponent and react explosively entering the melee to end the fight.

46 Min.

- Languages included in video: English, Español, Français, Italiano.