Keith Owen Favorite Moves Vol 3 DVD

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The third and final installment of Keith Owen's Favorite Moves Series, this DVD is aimed at No-Gi Practitioners with basic skills. Positions and techniques include: Peruvian Neck-Tie, Cruxifix, Knee Mount, Oma Plata Escapes, Mount Options, Shin Guard, Brabo Defense, Triangle Escape, an exciting Lockdown defense and Twister escape, plus many more!! A must for no-gi players to add to their playbook!!

Americana counter
Brabo defense
Guard passes
Guard pass to calf cutter
Inside kimura
Knee mount options
Lockdown escape
Mount arm wrap
Mount options
Omo plata escape
Peruvian necktie
Peruvian necktie escape
Shin guard
Shock wave
Triangle escapes
Turtle to crucifix
Turtle to RNC and arm bar
Twister escape