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Kashima no Tachi DVD 2: Chuden with Minoru Inaba

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Harmonizing Mind, Technique, and Body in Martial Arts

Learn the essence of achieving harmony in mind, technique, and body as a martial artist.

Minoru Inaba, honored instructor at Meiji Jingu Shiseikan and practitioner under Kuni I Yoshiya of Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage-ryu, alongside his study of Aikido under the Shinto philosopher Chikaaki Ashizu, has devoted himself to exploring Japanese martial arts from both the cultural and practical perspectives. Drawing from years of teaching and research, Inaba Sensei has compiled and organized comprehensive martial arts scrolls: "Shoden," "Chuden," and "Okuden." Through these scrolls, students learn to cultivate the unity of mind, technique, and body required of martial artists.


AISHIN-KUMI-TACHI (5 Techniques)

  • Detailed explanations of forms:
    1. Kumitachi Zan-tome
    2. Kumitachi Sho-gan
    3. Kumitachi Bunkatsu-zuki
    4. Kumitachi Kaeshi-kote
    5. Kumitachi Funto-uchi

JISSEN-KUMI-TACHI (10 Techniques)

  • Detailed explanations of forms:
    1. Tsuke-kaeshi
    2. Zan-wari
    3. Zoku-haigatana
    4. Sobatsu-fudoken
    5. Sodesuri Sho-gan
    6. Gedan Kaeshi-uchi
    7. Tsubame-gaeshi
    8. Gyakukesa-zan
    9. Tsuba-kyoto
    10. Maki-tachi Oikomi

JIYU-TACHIAI (Free-Style Practice)

JOJUTSU (Staff Techniques)

JUJUTSU - The Principle of AIKI

KASSEN-DACHI (10 Techniques)

  • Detailed explanations of forms:
    1. Sente-tsuki-age
    2. Sente-shogan-ha
    3. Sente-tsukenokaeshi
    4. Sente-tsukaoroshi
    5. Sente-enpi-to
    6. Uwadanenuki
    7. Gedan-nuke
    8. Fudoken
    9. Kesa-tsubushi
    10. Muni-ken

SOJUTSU (Spear Techniques)

  • Detailed explanations of forms:
    • Yari-awase
    1. Kyotsuki
    2. Kyotsuki-tsukikaeshi
    3. Oikomi
    4. Shimeshi-otoshi
    5. Hasho
    6. Nyushin-otoshi
    7. Soto-tsuki-oikomi
    8. Kasumi-otoshi
    9. Gyogu
    10. Gyogu-tomoe-tsuki

Closing Lecture: Martial Arts in the Modern Era

Instruction & Supervision: Minoru Inaba
(Meiji Jingu Shiseikan Honorary Instructor, University of Tokyo Aikido Club Instructor)
Born in 1944 in Tokyo. Joined Aikikai Hombu Dojo in 1963. Under the guidance of the 18th generation head of Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage-ryu, Yoshiya Kuni, simultaneously studied Budo and cultural philosophy under the guidance of Chikaaki Ashizu. Became the instructor of Meiji Jingu Shiseikan Budo Dojo in 1973, served as the second director until 2009, and subsequently became an honorary instructor. Currently instructs Kashima's Tachi and Aikido to martial arts leaders not only in Japan but also internationally. Also engages in lectures on Japanese spirituality, contributing to the promotion and enlightenment of martial arts culture.


Language: Japanese with English subtitles 

Run time: 100 min.