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Kashima no Tachi DVD 1: Shoden with Minoru Inaba

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Direct Transmission of Kokui Yoshimi - Volume 1: Introduction

Learn the harmony of mind, technique, and body essential for martial artists.

Under the tutelage of Katori Shinto Ryu's Kokui Yoshimi, and mastering Aikido, Minoru Inaba pursued the exploration of Japanese martial arts from both the martial and cultural perspectives under the guidance of Shinto philosopher Chikahiko Ashizu at Meiji Jingu Shiseikan.

Over the years, Sensei Inaba has meticulously organized and compiled the martial arts scrolls "Shoden," "Chuden," and "Okuden" in three volumes, guiding practitioners towards achieving unity of mind, technique, and body as martial artists.


Taijutsu Basics

  • Sitting, Breathing
  • Standing, Walking

Sumo Basics

Jujutsu 1 - Reiki

  • Foundation of Jujutsu focused on spiritual energy

Jujutsu 2

  • Sitting Captures (Sleeve Strike / Sleeve Return)
  • Standing Work (One-Handed Reiki / Reverse Hand Capture)
  • Throwing Work (Collar Strangulation Throw / Garment Carrying)
  • Group Work (Screen Fall / Corner Entry Return / Side Abandonment)

Ichi-no-tachi (Kesa-giri)

  • First Sword (Robe Slash)

Kihon-dachi (5 Techniques)

  • Explanation of Forms
      1. Kesa-giri (Robe Slash) / 2. Ashi-harai Ukibune (Foot Sweep Floating Boat) / 3. Zan-wari (Slash Divide) / 4. Wari-totsu (Cut Thrust) / 5. I-tachi (Position Sword)

Ura-dachi (10 Techniques)

  • Explanation of Forms
      1. Men-tachi-fu (Mask Sword) / 2. Kesa-tachi-fu (Robe Sword) / 3. Zoku-meshi-tachi (Continued Rice Sword) / 4. Shita-dan Kote-nuke (Lower Level Sleeve Stop) / 5. Kyotachi Kote-zan (Empty Sword Sleeve Cut) / 6. Zoku-meshi-tsuki (Continued Rice Thrust) / 7. Mikiri-ken-chu-tai (See Sword Middle Body) / 8. Choku-tai-chu-ken (Straight Body Middle Sword) / 9. Kesa-giri Sode-zuri (Robe Slash Sleeve Slide) / 10. Enpi-ken (Swallow Flying Sword)

Jujutsu 3

  • Body Management, Leg Work
  • Three Principles

Closing Lecture: What is Japanese Budo?

Guidance and Supervision: Minoru Inaba (Meiji Jingu Shiseikan Honorary Instructor, University of Tokyo Aikido Club Instructor) Born in 1944 in Tokyo. Joined Aikikai Hombu Dojo in 1963. Under the guidance of the 18th generation master of Katori Shinto Ryu, Kokui Yoshimi, and simultaneously influenced by Shinto philosopher Chikahiko Ashizu, he pursued the path of Budo (martial arts) and Bunka (culture). Became an instructor at Meiji Jingu Budojo Shiseikan in 1973, served as the second director of Shiseikan from 1993 to 2009, and later became an honorary instructor. Currently, he not only teaches Kashima's Tachi and Aikido to martial arts leaders domestically and internationally but also delivers lectures on Japanese spirituality, contributing to the spread and enlightenment of Budo culture.

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 93 min.


Kashima no Tachi DVD 1: Shoden with Minoru Inaba - Budovideos Inc

Kashima no Tachi DVD 1: Shoden with Minoru Inaba

Regular price $39.95 USD
Regular price $59.00 USD Sale price $39.95 USD

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Bratislav Arandjelovic
Kashima no tachi, dvd

Very good DVD for people who already practice Kashima. Kind of nice supplement and reminder but don’t full your self thinking that you can learn Kashima only from DVD.