Karate-Do 35mm Movie Reproduction DVD

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The father of KARATE - Gichin Funakoshi's time-honoured form fully depicted. Long kepr away,the 1956 thirty five m/m movie of the fearless youth of Japan Karate Association's founding members led by the greatest master Masatoshi Nakayama has been completely restored and at long last released video form.

Performer: G.HUnakoshi, M.Nakayama, K.Ito, Y.Kase, T.Okazak, H.Nishiyama, H.Kanazawa, many other demonstrators


    Part 1. Introduction of KARATE-DO

       1. Whatis KARATAE-DO
       2. TSUKI
       3. KERI
       4. UKE
       5. KATA
       6. KUMITE
       8. About the KARATE tournament.
       9. The KARATE which FUNAKOSHI GICHIN passed down.
      10. From Japan to the World

    Part 2. Self defense

       1. What is KARATE-DO
       2. Defense and Attack forms
       3. Throwing techniques
       4. Practice exercise(KANKU-SHO)
       5. Defense from the Floor-sitting position
       6. Defense from the Chair-sitting position
       7. Defense Against Surprise attack
       8. Defense Against Pistol
       9. Defense Against Club attack

Language: Japanese

Run Time: 25 min.