Kapap & MMA DVD by David Arama & Maor Bashan

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David Arama is the founder of Kapap and MMA organization,  a combination of the most advances concepts of self defense taken from different programs of the elite special forces of the Israelite army, mma techniques applied to real scenarios and situations. In this first work, Arama shares his intense experience in training with the anti terrorist and Israelite special forces, with the help of Maor Bashan,chief instructor of the Anti terrorist Krav Maga group of Israel and with a long history of training with all the best special forces from around the world. Under his guide we will study in detail gun disarms, knife disarms, arrests and control of aggressors, training exercises, mind exercises of reaction, and techniques with the Spikey, a new and useful self defense tool. Two highly qualified experts who have taken on the cruel reality of combat.

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French