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Judo Newaza Textbook DVD by Yoshiro Okuda

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Mastering Ground Techniques with the Legendary Specialist, Yoshirou Okuda

Yoshirou Okuda, renowned for his dedication to fighting in the open-weight category, shares his insights on becoming stronger in groundwork after 50 years of coaching. From Kodokan rules to technical approaches in collegiate judo, this comprehensive 140-minute tutorial spans six chapters, offering a step-by-step progression for beginners to advanced practitioners.


Beginner Techniques

  • When throwing techniques are insufficient and the match turns into groundwork
  • Honkesa
    • Applying Honkesa
    • Transitioning to Ushirokesa
    • Escaping from Honkesa
  • Wakesa
    • Applying Wakesa
    • Escaping from Wakesa
  • Kami Shiho Gatame
    • Applying Kami Shiho Gatame
    • Escaping from Kami Shiho Gatame

Intermediate Techniques

  • Techniques for attacking an opponent who is prone after a stand-up match
  • Defending while prone, adopting the "turtle" position
  • Attacking a prone opponent swiftly with techniques
    • Attacking Yokozae (sideways position)
    • Attacking Ushirozae (back position)

Necessity of Techniques

  • Okuda's essential "Sorikoshi collar strangle"
  • Attacking from prone, attacking from behind
  • Techniques and their fundamental considerations
    • Attacking from the front
    • Joint techniques, tearing and crushing

Advanced Techniques

  • Engaging in a ground battle after inviting an opponent with "hikikomi"
  • Attacking from the bottom, post "hikikomi" invitation
    • When the opponent does not respond
      • Pursuing with further attacks
    • When the opponent responds
      • Effectively using the legs
        • Placing legs, catching legs, and scissor legs
      • Disrupting joints
        • Arm-catch joint
      • When the legs are crossed
        • Breaking with joints
        • Counter-throw
      • When both legs are clamped
        • Bengal

Attacking from Above

  • Basic attack routes from above, feet, hips, hands, shoulders
    • Swift attack
    • Sequentially conquering feet, hips, hands, and shoulders
    • Techniques to remove legs
    • Preparing not to let go

Defense from Below

  • Avoiding legs and hands
  • Preparing to release hands
  • Vigilance of joints and strangles
  • Not letting the feet be pulled out

Featuring: Yoshirou Okuda

  • Born in 1939, Kyoto Prefecture
  • During his active years, stood at 170 cm tall and weighed 70 kg, competing in the middleweight class
  • Revered as "Okuda of Strangles" in the open-weight class for his practical and relentless pursuit of judo's groundwork techniques

    Language: Japanese

    Run time: 141 min.


    Judo Newaza Textbook DVD by Yoshiro Okuda - Budovideos Inc

    Judo Newaza Textbook DVD by Yoshiro Okuda

    Regular price $44.95 USD
    Regular price $69.00 USD Sale price $44.95 USD

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