Josh Barnett's Catch Wrestling DVD 1: Punishing Rides

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Riding is a key strategy for winning in MMA and grappling. Exhausting your opponent, sapping him of strength and setting up the final submission to win the fight are the result of being able to ride your opponent well.

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion and current King of Pancrase dedicates over two full hours of concentrated instruction to one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of modern fighting: RIDING.

Grappling is physical chess and the fighter that stays one step ahead holds the winning advantage. In this DVD Josh covers rides and counters enabling you to know ahead of time what your opponent might do so that you can use his reaction against him.

Don't be fooled, learn from the catch-as-catch-can player that has actually tested and won with these methods; learn from Josh Barnett.

Head & Arm Ride
Spiral Ride
Half Mount
Locking Down the Half Mount
Knee on Belly Ride
Knee on Neck Ride
Double Knee Ride
Reverse Head & Arm Ride
Position Flow Drills
Low Mount
...and much, MUCH MORE!

Customer Reviews

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Mike Noronowicz
just what i needed

half way through viewing the dvd wow awesome content as a big fan of cacc ,want to get more

Effective techniques

Teaches very effective techniques for no gi grappling and mma.Explains techniques in detail.

Benjamin Gash
This is a really good DVD.

This is a really good DVD. As well as showing how to generate maximum punishment from the common ground positions, he also shows many of the transitional positions which catch wrestling emphasises, adding a new dimension to your ground game. The teaching is clear, and Barnett's obvious intelligence and larger than life personality shine through.
One of the great things on this DVD is that Erik Paulson is the "dummy" for half of it, and seeing the techniques applied with realistic responses is really useful.