Jeet Kune Do Unlimited Ground Fighting DVD with Burton Richardson

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Burton Richardson has adapted all of what's good that the Mixed Martial Arts have contributed in order to organize it effectively in the context of the street where there is only one rule, and that is, "There are no rules." A field of fighting, grappling, that you must know because in a real situation you will surely find yourselves on the ground with the opponent on top of you or visa versa, and though you have good training in other systems, if you don't know this distance, you'll be lost. In this video you will study tactics and grappling techniques for this situation from the hand of the maximum exponents of JKD in the world.

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Allen
jkd unlimited ground fighting dvd

This to me is very good. I have to admit that Paul Vunak ground material is good. Vunak dvd left holes. But this dvd tells the truth on so many levels regarding individuals trying to rely on cheating alone. Burton Richardson talks about being a ground fighter first then adding cheating to create the opportunity to escape and finish with a technique. We have to be very careful with learning so much quote self defense with out neglecting the knowledge of this range and how people can use it on you. You will make fundamental errors in a fight if someone knows ground fighting. One bad mistake because of your lack of knowledge in ground can cause you to be unconscious or ended up with a broken arm great dvd.

Dustin Bunnell
Awesome stuff!

I've never seen groundfighting like this before and I've been grappling for years now. Awesome stuff!