Jeet Kune Do Trapping: Skills and Drills DVD with Jeremy Lynch

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Jeremy Lynch started his martial arts training at the age of 7 studying traditional karate. At the age of 13 he continued his training at one of Jhoon Rhee’s schools, learning tae kwon do.  After six years of tae kwon do he was fortunate enough to be accepted into renowned jeet kune do instructor Time Tackett’s personal training group. Now, having been part of the jeet kune do family for 17 years, Jeremy has put his skills to work in the kickboxing ring and has worked with many of jeet kune do’s original students.

Jeet kune do trapping is the ability to take control of your opponent and momentarily tie him up, neutralizing his ability to strike, and then move into a counter technique.
In this volume, Jeremy teaches you how to flow with your opponent and apply the trap, immobilizing him.  Learn drills and applications designed by jeet kune do greats such as bridging the gap, attack by drawing, and JKD’s famous swinging gate drill.