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Jeet Kune Do DVD by Toru Mitachi

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Bruce Lee's legacy of martial arts, Jeet Kune Do, considered the culmination of all martial arts disciplines. Toru Mitachi, inheritor of the dragon's spirit, reveals techniques closely associated with Bruce Lee. This DVD includes teachings on stances, punches, kicks, unique trapping techniques of Jeet Kune Do, as well as hand techniques, footwork, combinations, and practical applications.


  • Jeet Kune Do Fighting Stance
  • Jun Fan Kick Boxing
    • Punch Techniques
    • Punch Combinations
    • Kick Techniques
    • Punch and Kick Combinations
  • Jun Fan Gung Fu
    • Trapping Techniques
    • Hand Techniques, Defense, Footwork
    • Combinations
    • Patterns for Practical Applications
  • One Inch Punch
    • Key Points of the One Inch Punch
    • Practical Applications
  • What is Jeet Kune Do?
  • Filipino Kali
    • Nunchaku, Eskrima


Toru Mitachi
Born on March 17, 1959, in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. He began studying kendo at the age of 12. Inspired by Bruce Lee at 15, he started training in karate, judo, and Shaolin kung fu. In 1979, he studied martial arts at the University of California, Los Angeles. In 1980, he trained under Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillo. After a brief return to Japan in 1982, he resumed training in Jeet Kune Do at the IMB Academy under Inosanto and Bustillo from 1984. He began teaching Jeet Kune Do in Japan from 1986, receiving instructor credentials in Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Kali from Dan Inosanto in 1987. He returned to the USA for further training in 1992 and continued at the Inosanto Academy until 1996. In May 1997, he founded the full-fledged Jeet Kune Do school, "MITACHI ACADEMY," and returned to Japan in 1998.

Language: Japanese

Length: 42 min.


Jeet Kune Do DVD - Budovideos Inc

Jeet Kune Do DVD by Toru Mitachi

Regular price $39.95 USD
Regular price $59.00 USD Sale price $39.95 USD