Japanese Sword Tsukamaki Techniques DVD by Mitani Shuji

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There are many types of Tsukamaki. "One-piece fastening" is the only fastening method that was officially adopted by the Tokugawa family during the Edo period and has inherited the method of practice. And the method of fastening that Osamu Mitani has studied for many years, "double fastening" that was independently developed by each clan other than the Tokugawa clan. A technique that was created after the end of the Edo period, and is a more decorative winding method, "bellows closure." Mitani himself will carefully demonstrate and explain each method of fastening. In addition, various patterns, pattern wood production, shark skin dressing, pattern thread, and the position and insertion method of the eyes are also recorded.

Content includes:

Various Types of Tsukanari

Tsukagi Construction
Samegawa-kise(Attaching the Sharkskin)
Tsukamaki no Junbi(Preparing the Tsukamaki)
About the Tsuka-ito(Kumi-himo)
Determining Tsuka-ito Length
Tsukamaki-ho 1
Tsukamaki-ho 2
How to Make the Hishi-gami(Kome-kami)
Tsukamaki-ho 3 Forming the Mekugi-ana Section
The Menuki Position/Insertion Method
Method of Tightening / Ippon-dome
Method of Tightening / Nihon-dome
Method of Tightening / Jabara-ito-dome
Finishing the Tsukamaki

    Run Time: 134 min.
    Language: Japanese with English subtitles


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