Itosu Ryu Karatedo Kata DVD 2 by Sadaaki Sakagami - Budovideos Inc

Itosu Ryu Karatedo Kata DVD 2 by Sadaaki Sakagami

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Kata serves as the gateway, journey of training depth, and essence of Karate-do. To master Karate-do, it is essential to correctly understand the characteristics and meanings of various techniques contained within kata, practicing them until they become fully integrated into one's own.

Itosu-Ryu Karate-do, founded by Master Anko Itosu, revered as the saint of modern martial arts, encompasses numerous katas, beginning with the fundamental "Pinan" series. These katas, along with others, are faithfully transmitted by the fourth-generation head, Seitoku Sakagami.


  • Sanchin
  • Gekisai no.1
  • Gekisai no.2
  • Seipai
  • Kusanku Dai
  • Kusanku Sho
  • Matsumora Rohai
  • Matsumura Bassai
  • Nipaipo
  • Gojyushiho


Sadaaki Sakagami Born in 1942 in Hyogo Prefecture as the eldest son of the third-generation head of Itosu-Ryu, Takashi Sakagami. He began his martial arts journey at the age of 12 under his father, studying Karate-do and Kendo. In 1964, he studied Ryukyu Kobudo under Master Heshin Yuniiku. In May 1969, he achieved first place in the kata division at the 8th All Japan Karate-do Federation National Tournament. In 1973, he received the Itosu-Ryu instructor's license from his father, assuming the role of chief instructor at the headquarters dojo. In 1975, he traveled to Canada for Karate-do instruction and subsequently taught vigorously worldwide, contributing to the global spread of Karate-do. In 1994, he succeeded as the fourth-generation head of Itosu-Ryu. In 2002, he attained the eighth dan from the Zen Nihon Karate-do Renmei. In April 2004, he became a first-class examiner for the Zen Nihon Karate-do Renmei. In March 2005, he was appointed vice chairman of the All Japan Karate-do Federation and chairman of the Central Technical Committee of the Zen Nihon Karate-do Renmei in April of the same year. In December 2005, he was honored with the title of Karate-do Hanshi by the Zen Nihon Karate-do Renmei. Additionally, he holds the ranks of Kendo Shihan (7th dan), Iaido Shihan (5th dan), Jojutsu Shihan (6th dan), and Ryukyu Kobudo Shihan. As the legitimate fourth-generation head of Itosu-Ryu, he meticulously refines the katas passed down through three generations: Anko Itosu, Kenwa Mabuni, and Takashi Sakagami, continually researching their techniques and applications to foster and guide future generations.

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 123 min.


Itosu Ryu Karatedo Kata DVD 2 by Sadaaki Sakagami - Budovideos Inc

Itosu Ryu Karatedo Kata DVD 2 by Sadaaki Sakagami

Regular price $39.95 USD
Regular price $59.00 USD Sale price $39.95 USD

Customer Reviews

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Claes Lillieskold
Quick delivery and excellent DVD

Sensei Soke-san gives very good and clear instructions.

Andre Beauregard
Just got my product a week ago. So, I will get you know once I review two or more DVDs.

So far, volume is great. I will probably order the volume 4, in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you Andre. We're looking forward to your review.

Darssan Balasingam
We already saw the correct

The beginning is same as vol.1 Why? Explanation of blocks instead of stances might be useful. We already saw the correct stances in Vol1. Otherwis I might have rated Excellent.