Iron Power Palm: 97 Days to Skull Smashing Power Book by Gareth Morgan Thomas

Iron Power Palm: 97 Days to Skull Smashing Power Book by Gareth Morgan Thomas

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Learn the proper body conditioning that will make you move from complete beginner in Kung Fu to master in Iron Palm, capable of breaking piles of bricks, concrete, or bones and even delivering lethal strikes without paying for an expensive course – in as little as 90 days!
While it does take a lot of time, dedication and discipline to master Iron Palm and Iron hand, the truth is that doesn’t have to take decades – especially in the modern-day when we all know we could learn pretty complex things in a record time! You also don’t have to pay hundreds of even thousands of dollars for a secret course/system that will teach you stuff that you could easily learn all by yourself!

What’s more, Iron Palm is not just about hammering your hands on concrete until you get used to the pain or even having your hands disfigured because of the constant impact – there is a right body conditioning that can ensure you have a smoother learning curve with fewer injuries and fewer risk of having lasting negative effects on your hands (like arthritis)!

What does this body conditioning entail, you may wonder?

How exactly are you going to break boards, bend steel bars, break sticks, piles of bricks and perform many other seemingly impossible breaking feats without breaking your bones or developing crippling arthritis?

How do you condition your hand for the tough work ahead?

How do you channel your chi the right way to deliver the lethal, breaking blows effortlessly?

What secret strategies do masters implement in their technique, stance, and poses to make it actually possible to have such deadly and destructive blows?

This book seeks to address all these and other related questions using simple and step-by-step language that you can apply immediately to become the master you’ve always wished you could become!

More precisely, you will learn:
Internal conditioning methods that will set you up for success in mastering Iron palm and Iron hand
Over 50 different Iron Palm and Iron arm exercises that you can start practicing
Powerful and practical guidelines that will ensure you stay safe and on track to mastering Iron palm and Iron hand
A blueprint to elbow conditioning, shoulder strikes and Iron Head techniques, including six different elbow conditioning methods
Iron arm rolling weights that will instantly condition your forearm for impact
How to complement your Iron palm with hip and knee strike conditioning and how to do it right
Two secret recipes for Dit Da Jow and internal medicine to prevent injuries and fasten recoveries
QiGong gymnastic exercises that will help you improve coordination and balance
Step by step iron palm training regimen that you can follow for years even after you’ve mastered Iron Palm and Iron hand
And much more!
What’s more, everything is fully illustrated with clear artistic graphics showing all the correct movements!

Imagine the surprise and awe in people’s eyes when they see you bending metal rods, breaking concrete bricks, sticks or even driving nails into wood and more with your bare hands. Imagine the countless questions they will ask, wondering how you can possibly do that – because they’ve always thought what they have seen in Kung Fu movies is all camera tricks! Imagine how cool you would feel and how safe you would feel, knowing fully well that you can protect yourself when need be.

You don’t have to imagine anymore…

288 pages

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