Introduction to Yoshinkan Aikido DVD by Kyoichi Inoue

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This introduction to Yoshinkan Aikido DVD features top level instruction by Yoshinkan honbu kancho Kyoichi Inoue and instructor Tsutomu Chida.


What is Aikido - by Inoue Kancho

  • Aikido & Riai
  • Timing
  • Balance
  • Shuchu Ryoku (Concentrated power)
  • Kokyu Ryoku (Breath power)
  • Ichi Tai ta
  • En undo (Circular motion)
Tai sabaki Basics
  • Kamae (stance)
  • Sotai Kamae (2 person)
  • Koshi ni gokui ari
  • Kihon Dosa (Basics)
  • Seiza
  • Ukemi
  • Uchi te
  • Tsuki (strike)
Kihon waza (Basic techniques) by Chida
  • Katatemochi shihonage 1
  • Katatemochi shihonage 2
  • Shomenuchi ikkajo osae 1
  • Shomenuchi ikkajo osae 2
  • Katatemochi nikajo osae 1
  • Katatemochi nikajo osae 1
  • Shomenuchi sankajo osae 1
  • Shomenuchi sankajo osae 2
  • Katatemochi sokumen iriminage 1
  • Yokomenuchi sokumen iriminage 2
  • Shomenuchi yonkajo osae 1
  • Muneuchi hijishime 2
  • Shomenuchi kotegaeshi 2
  • Ryotemochi tenchinage 1
  • Suwariwaza ryotemochi kokyoho 1

Language: Japanese

Length: 96 min.