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Intro to Abenir Kalis Bolo Fighting DVD with Bong Abenir

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This DVD entitled Labanang Tabak meaning sword fighting, covers the basics of Abenir Kalis Filipino Blade Art System.

The ten angles of attack and the method of practical defenses against them are is well covered.

Many of our fighting strategies, principles and philosophies are included as well in order for the viewers to understand what the system is all about.

Clear methods of instructions is well presented in this instructional DVD.

Run time: 47 min.

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Browne
Abenir Kalis Bolo Fighting

The nice thing about the video age is how we can see how other styles than the ones we study do things, and compare how personal physique, blade design, etc affect the way we move.
This is a great introduction to the Abenir style. Video quality is very good and the movements can be clearly seen.

robert bezoski

If you haven't seen Bong on youtube, you are missing out on the next level of Kali. And this DVD is fantastic. This guy rocks and takes the whole art to the next level. He is part of the new generation of Kali.Very well done.