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Internal Training for Bujutsu DVD 1: Jujutsu by Tetsuzan Kuroda

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Kuroda Tetsuzan's Guide to Kata, Volume 1: Jujutsu Edition


Pursuing "Disappearing Movements" and "Speed": Cultivating the Ideal Martial Arts Body!

Exploring and refining the "disappearing movements" and embodying the unimaginable "speed" as demonstrated by Kuroda Tetsuzan, a master of classical martial arts.

In this DVD, Sensei introduces various training methods aimed at developing an extraordinary and artistic martial arts body through playful exercises, spread across two volumes. These exercises focus on improving the quality of one's movements in preparation for future challenges and understanding the nuances of strength and weakness. They serve as invaluable daily training for all martial arts enthusiasts.


  • Juntai-ho - 1 (Basic: Firm Upper Body Movement)

    • Juntai-ho: Moving without moving the hands, meaning to move with a firm upper body without twisting the hips.
      • Moving the firm upper body up, down, left, and right
      • Maintaining juntai and breaking down towards the front
      • Maintaining juntai and crushing straight down
      • Maintaining juntai and breaking down with a bow
  • Juntai-ho - 2 (Handling the Body from Juntai)

    • Protecting juntai and breaking down with a diagonal cut
    • Leg grabs
    • Pulling out arms as a technique
    • Arm wrestling as a technique
  • Muso no Ho (Meaning Not to Use the Feet)

    • Muso no Ho: Not using the feet to kick the floor or ground, meaning to move by shifting the center of gravity to one leg.
      • Arm wrestling while standing on one leg
      • Exchanging the position of the body (changing left and right feet)
      • Dropping behind the chest
      • Foot hook in juntai
      • Foot sweep (principles of rolling)
      • Rising in one rhythm (pulling arms in supine position)
  • Fushin (Essence of Iai - Reversal of Situation: Victory Without Drawing the Sword)

    • Fushin: Refers to one stance (posture) in Iai. Its advanced physical technique represents a reversal from a negative situation.
      • Changing from seiza to ichimonji koshi
      • Fushin (placing hands on the receiver's right shoulder)

Guidance and Supervision by: Kuroda Tetsuzan
Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1950. From a young age, he learned five ancient martial arts traditions from his grandfather (Kuroda Taizhi) and father (Kuroda Shigeki), eventually becoming the fifteenth headmaster of the Shimbukan Dojo. Recognizing kata as theory, he practices and instructs the methodological movements of ancient techniques that deny power, earning high acclaim in the martial arts community. He has produced numerous DVDs, including "Essence: One Rhythm of Movement" (BAB Japan), among others.


Language: Japanese 

Run time: 82 min.