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Intelligence Judo Ground Techniques DVD 1 with Tomoo Torii

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Judo encompasses both standing and ground techniques. By mastering both, practitioners can execute standing techniques without fear of transitioning to ground techniques and can instill a sense of caution in opponents about ground competition. Tomoo Torii, renowned for developing numerous innovative techniques in both standing and ground judo, presents the first installment of ground techniques focusing on the most commonly seen position, the turtle position, in this DVD.


Attacks against Turtle Position from Behind:

  • Side four-corner hold by wrist grip
  • Attack from rear triangle
  • Holding using collar grip
  • Countering by throwing the opponent away
  • Creating openings with consecutive techniques
  • Rotational cross hold
  • Taking front and back belts, inverse and vertical four-corner hold

Attacks against Turtle Position from the Side:

  • Holding both arms to suppress
  • Belt reversal
  • Entwining legs to reverse
  • Attack from stomach hold

Attacks against Turtle Position from the Front:

  • Attack from triangle choke
  • Taking arm and belt reversal wind to suppress
  • Sitting opponent down and twisting side four-corner hold
  • Belt reversal

When Attacked from Behind in Turtle Position:

  • Taking back from behind
  • Arm entanglement and rear diagonal
  • In any case, quickly take back from behind

About the Instructor:

Tomoo Torii

  • Kodokan Judo 6th Dan
  • Born on May 20, 1973, in Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Began judo at the prestigious Iwai Judo Dojo at the age of 5
  • Graduated from Ishikawa Prefectural Industrial High School, then proceeded to Tokai University and its graduate school
  • In 1995, won the All Japan Student Weight Division Championship during his fourth year of university, marking his first national title
  • Subsequently won championships at the All Japan Business Judo Individual Championship, Kodokan Cup Japan Weight Division Championship, and All Japan Selection Weight Division Championship, among others
  • Competed internationally representing Japan, winning numerous titles at events such as the Kano Cup, Russia International, France International, Germany International, and World Cups
  • Represented Japan in the Osaka World Judo Championships in 2003 as a -66kg category competitor
  • As of October 2011, active as the world's oldest active judoka in the -73kg category, aiming for the world's best and maintaining a rigorous training regimen
  • Holds the record for the most victories in the Kodokan Cup and All Japan Business Championships with seven wins each
  • Highly regarded for his coaching prowess, sought after as an instructor domestically and internationally

Language: Japanese with English & French subtitles

Run time: 95 min.